Update from Tennis Victoria - 17/09

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Email correspondance from the 

Junior Committee - 01/09

Hi to all BDTA Clubs,

Peter, Jaime and I have taken on board the Juniors and we look forward to your team entries for the 2020/21 season.  We will meet via an online platform on the 14th September for team grading, but please be assured that if you are able to form teams after this date, further entries will be welcomed.

We will definitely be going ahead with tennis this season, under one of two options, depending on government Covid-19 guidelines.

Option A: Normal season as per previous years
Option B: Play to meet Covid restrictions

We are taking advantage of this tumultuous year, to make some changes to the Junior competition.

A grade, B grade and C1 grade, will consist of two player teams (teams entries can consist of three players who take turns to play, the same as when their previous team may have had five players.) They will play singles and doubles.

C2 to C4 grades will remain as four player teams (though subject to the number of teams we may be able to accommodate two player teams). Subject to the number of teams and their abilities, the lower C grades will be Green Dot ball.

C5/6 combined Grade, will be for players 9 and under, who will play orange ball comp at 11am on Saturdays, always at the BDTA. The age guide is flexible - some 8 year olds will be able to play green ball, while some ten year olds would be better off still playing in the orange ball grade. Please use your discretion when deciding which grade to enter your players. This C5/6 section will have a dedicated organiser who will work on developing the players' match-skills over the season, to prepare them to eventually enter into the higher C grades.

Clubs can enter individual players in the C5/6 Orange ball grades - there is no requirement to form a team. The first week of play (Saturday 10th October) for the C5/6 grades, will be a registration and grading day.

These changes to the junior playing season will allow for a greater diversity of well-matched competition in each section, and also allow us to easily move from Option A to Option B, if Covid restrictions are still in place. The changes for grades A, B, C1 and C5/6 will result in a change to team entry fees, which will be determined by the BDTA committee.

I have attached a promotional poster, which you are welcome to use to advertise for players for this coming season. We suggest sharing it onto your social media accounts, in local shop windows, and approaching your local school/s about putting the poster in their newsletters. There is a pdf version for printing, and a jpeg version for online sharing.

I can easily adapt this poster to include your own clubs contact details - please return email your request to me and the contact details to be included.

Please also keep in mind that the BDTA has funds that you can access for disadvantaged kids, so that they can play tennis. Conversations with your community and your local schools, could open up pathways for new kids to be able to participate in tennis. To apply for these funds, please send us a request via email.

Please stay tuned for more information about the 2019/20 teams who need to receive their trophies. The format of the presentations will depend on upcoming Covid restriction announcements, however all trophies will be distributed before the start of the coming season.

Please be in touch with any questions or ways that the association can support your club at the junior level,

Hayley Quach

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Email Update from Secretary: 27/08

All clubs/players: we are still planning for Junior and Senior competition to resume as soon as possible when restrictions are lifted. Could you please enter teams or some guide to teams/grades etc. in writing to the BDTA Secretary by Monday, 14th September.
Thanks. Stay safe.
Peter Joyce - Secretary, BDTA.


Post AGM Update
The BDTA AGM was held online during Monday evening 17/08.  Re-forming of the Association occurred and Election of Office Bearers took place for the 2020/21 season.  A sincere thanks and congratulations to those who were elected for the work they're about to carry out with the Exec.

After much discussion, given the circumstances, an agreed decision was made for the upcoming season along with a variety of back up plans and suggestions for differing playing formats should circumstances at the time require that.

The BDTA will plan to commence the Tennis Season as stated on the commencement dates in the 2020 AGM Agenda.  However this may
change given the situation at the time and the lockdown/restrictions and social distancing requirements in place due to COVID-19.  Team entries have been extended by two weeks, to allow for the situation.  As much notice as possible will be given if and/or when the commencement date of the season changes/is pushed back.

Regular updates will be posted here in relation to the commencement of the season or appropriate changes as information comes to hand regarding State Government restrictions and guideline updates from Tennis Victoria.  There are many unknowns at this stage, so please check back regularly.

Minutes of the AGM will be posted once available.
Thank you for your patience - stay safe!