Grand Final Results

Most Consistent Award Winners


Senior Pennant Grand Finals on Saturday: 24/03/2018

Senior A1:

NAPOLEONS (Tracey Beaston, Shirl McIver, Samara Beaston, Brent Thomas, Andrew Glover, Jason Beaston) 6-56 d ROSS CREEK 2-35 (Maddie Gay, Georgie Bryant, Emma McGrath, Luke Cullen, Stewart Cullen, Matt Boucher).


Senior A2:

SMYTHESDALE (Lauren Parker, Julie Davies, Barb Mittag, Adam Liversidge, Taryn Bentley, Leigh Dunne) 6-62 d NAPOLEONS 3-46 (Amy Glover, Veronica Black, Caitlyn Hughes, Simon Crowe, Lynden Henderson, Tony Henderson, Sam Lehmann).

JUNIOR Pennant Grand Finals on Sunday 25/03/2018 – 27/03/18


Junior A Special Grade:

BUNINYONG BLACK (Ben O’Beirne, Jack Muller, Luka Ryan, Tom O’Beirne) 4-32 d DUNNSTOWN 2-21 (Mitch Henderson, Tim Collins, Will Henderson, Rhiannon Collins, Will McLoughlin).


Junior A Grade:

BALLAN BLUE (Mitchell Furlong, Joel Bertoncello, Ben Davis, Nick Jennings, Lachlan Owens) 3-31 d MT HELEN 3-24 (Lachy Skene, Nick Foster, Matt Schaper, Connor Prato).


Junior B1 Grade:

BUNINYONG (Kai Eddy, Harley Crabtree, Jonte Crabtree, Hamish Pearce, Oliver Pearce) 4-31 d MT HELEN YELLOW 2-23 (Julian Poynter, Baxter Amos, Tom Jenkins, Hugh McKenzie, Allistair Cameron, Nathan Prato).


Junior B2 Grade:

ROSS CREEK (Marcus Dann, Mia Richardson, Sam Hancock, Sam Clark, Kade Richardson) 5-31 d NAVIGATORS 1-19 (Matt Reyne, Liz Reyne, Shilo Smith, Liam Pearson).


Junior C1 Grade:

WARRENHEIP BLACK (Jessica Blackmore, Mason Gullich, Gemma Hanrahan, Oliver Tribe, Jude Ryan) 4-24 d BUNINYONG 0-8 (Bill Thornton, Kaitlyn Balazic, Emily Findlay, Mia Conlan, Kiara Powell).


Junior C2 Grade:

WARRENHEIP WHITE (Heidi Giles, Emily Turner, Emma Schaper, Georgia Doyle, Pippa Nolan) 3-19 d BALLAN 1-13 (Angus Pike, Hamish Pike, Daniel Mulgrew, Charlie-Anne Mulgrew).


Junior C3 Grade:

NAPOLEONS (Ray Glover, Ned Yeoman, Ethan Kuchel, Mitch Hazlett) 3-21 d BUNINYONG 1-18 (Xander Boreham, Annie Sproull, Jack Sproull, Brandon Johnson, Leah Staggard).


Junior C4 Grade:

DUNNSTOWN (Abel Griffiths, Jake Abrams, Reggie Whittle, Cody Bower, Sam Leonard) 3-19 d GORDON RED 1-14 (Ethan Owens, Wayde Phillips, Holly Waddell, Rory Cullen).


Junior C5 Grade:

BUNINYONG (Alby Donald, Mason Trewin, Cody Morris-Flynn, Angus Gunn, Walter Orwin) 3-21 d GRENVILLE RED 1-15 (Kobe-Li Quach, Tano-Li Quach, Koby Wenzlick, Kai Colvin).


Junior C6 Grade:

NAPOLEONS/BUNINYONG (Keira O’Beirne, Annie Glover, Darcy Kuchel, Liam O’Beirne) 2-19 d GRENVILLE GREEN 2-15 (Hamish McNaughton, Keira McNaughton, Tom Freeman, Estelle Freeman).


BDTA Most Consistent Sets Winners 2017-18



A1: Ladies - Emma McGrath (RossCreek) 28.

       Mens – Andrew Glover (Napoleons) 22.

A2: Ladies – Lauren Parker (Smythesdale) 26.

       Mens – Tarryn Bentley (Smythesdale) 28.



A Special :- Ben O’Beirne (Buninyong Black) 23.

A :- MacKenzie O’Neill (Ross Creek Red) 15.

B1 :- Kai Eddy (Buninyong) 24.

B2 :- Sam Hancock (Ross Creek) 11.

C1 :- Emily Findlay (Buninyong) 23.

C2 :- Heidi Giles (Warrenheip White) 15.

C3 :- Ray Glover (Napoleons) 22.

C4 :- Ethan Owens (Gordon Red) 14.

C5 :- Tano-Li Quach (Grenville Red) 25.

C6 :- Keira O’Beirne (Napoleons/Buninyong)14.

C6:- Liam O’Beirne (Napoleons/Buninyong) 14.

Junior Photos

Another Season Completed......

...may I take this opportunity on behalf of the BDTA Exec to congratulate all Grand Finalists, Premiership winners and Association Most Consistent Award Winners.

We have a wonderful sporting code and it was fantasic to see the depth of skill and sportsmanship that was on display, well done to all players involved.

May I take this opportunity to sincerely thank the rest of the Exec members that I am I privileged to work alongside.  Mandy, Dave, Phil, Diana, Jai and Erin - the work you do behind the scenes that often goes unnoticed in the public eye makes it possible for the BDTA and it's members to hit the tennis courts each year - I am most humbled to be apart of our really special team.

Best wishes to all BDTA members for the off-season - look forward to seeing you all serve up more tennis later in the year as the 2018/19 commences.

Game, Set, Match - BDTA for 2017/18!