The inaugural meeting of the Garibaldi & District Tennis Association, the forerunner of the Buninyong Association, was held at the Garibaldi School on 28 October 1933, and was chaired by Cr Ewan Hitchcock, who lived at Grenville. Attended by delegates from Scotsburn, Grenville, Garibaldi and Buninyong Methodists, the purpose of the meeting was to form an association of clubs, originally the idea of the Grenville Club. Cr Hitchcock was elected president and Jock Gardiner was elected secretary and treasurer.

In 1941 the association went into recess because of World War Two. At the Annual meeting of 1945, Norman Carbury moved that the association's name be changed to the Buninyong & District Tennis Association (the Garibaldi club had folded in 1941).  The association re-formed with four clubs, with power to add.

In 1988 ladies in the Buninyong area were keen to form their own competition, rather than playing in the Ballarat Churches Midweek competition.  A general meeting of the association elected a committee of five ladies to conduct the competition for the initial 12 months.

The above extracts are taken from "75 Years of Buninyong Tennis, 1933 - 2008".  For more information about the history book or a copy, please contact the association Secretary.

Our 75th Anniversary
On Saturday 10th November 2007 the Buninyong & District Tennis Association celebrated its 75th Anniversary with a re-union dinner at Doherty's Ballarat Lodge.  The night included the induction of Stan Hunter as a Life Member of the Association, and the launch of "75 Years of Buninyong Tennis 1933 - 2008" a history book complied by Peter Griffiths and Les George from written records, accounts from past players and many photographs.  For more details and photos from the night click here.

Celebrating 75 years of Grenville Tennis Club
As one of the founding clubs in the BDTA, Grenville Tennis Club celebrated its 75th Anniversary in March 2008.
Click here to view photos and report from their celebrations.

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