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Midweek Juniors

Elaine Tennis club


Peter Joyce - Buninyong Racquet Stringing Service

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Forfeits Reminder:
As a general reminder, if your team receives a forfeit, please ensure a scorecard is filled out with the names of the players that would have played the game on that particular day so appropriate points/sets may still be allocated to the team receiving the forfeit...
Scorecards still need to reach the record secretary as per normal.

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In referring to Rule 38, and the reverse of the Junior score cards where it is clearly stated, please be reminded and ensure that JUNIOR tie breaks are played at 5 games all for future matches.

Demonstration of how a Tie-Breaker is played and scored
(opens in a new window and shows a YouTube clip)

Court Risk Assessments
Clubs are required to complete a risk assessment of their courts prior to the start of the 2011/12 season.
Click here to view Risk Assessment Sheet

Code of Conduct

The BDTA has a Disciplinary Policy & Code of Conduct aimed at promoting sportsman-like conduct in all events run by the Association.  All clubs are encouraged to make their members aware of the policy.

View here for details

Bendigo Bank

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